Mondoron is a city completely different from today’s cities. It is what many would call a Cyber-Punk City with living buildings, flying cars, and a complex mass transit system, all with a 1920’s aesthetic in its modern architecture and fashion. The crime index escalates at a fast pace daily, and it is the capitol of a network of cities that floats in space, forming (due to their structural interdependence) a planet called Utopiatron. This is not a typical universal planet; but a mega structure with irregular shapes and forms floating in space.     Among the satellite cities that make up this mega structure are Dracovia, Estrocovia, Peligrovia, Vientos and Oikos (The Forest of Wisdom)

Utopiatron was created by it’s emperor Dr. Blah as a weapon of mass destruction during the Tek Wars. The soul existence of this weapon was to control people’s minds and absorb their planet’s energy,  giving Dr.Blah total control of their goverments and daily routines. Today, the last survivors of this War are the people of Oikos; the only planet not controlled by machines in the area. 

Oikos is home of Vodrogo (our main character) and the Sumatra Monks, a Brotherhood of scientist that combine technology with pure magic to protect their land and the ability to use  Imagination and free will. 

The Helmet:
In the evil hands of Dr. Blah, the power of Imagination can bring more destruction and agony to the rest of the universe. In order to stop Dr. Blah from spreading his power, The Brotherhood created a special weapon code named “The Helmet”. The Helmet is a neurological electronic device  that can adapt to its’ host mind. It has the power to manipulate the four basic elements and create lethal weapons of self-defense. The main source of energy  to activate the Helmet is Imagination.  Vodrogo has accidentally become the experimental host of this powerful device. He needs to quickly learn how to control its powers and help The Brotherhood protect Oikos and the rest of the satelite cities.