Open your eyes. You are in front of a computer screen reading these words. This is normal, an every day act. We are used to this method of communication because it is fast and efficient. But by isolating our knowledge of the world to a retinal experience, we prohibit a complete awareness of our surroundings and become consumers of a prescribed almost two dimensional world. This phenomenon has resulted in the substitution of a physical reality based on use of senses, (body interaction) into a virtual reality based on an abstract space (the image). By bracketing our beliefs we become blind, losing our power of observation and creating our conception of an ideal world.  ​Utopiatron is what many would call a metropolis of dreams, enjoyed only by those who are consumed in technology living a fast pace life. In Utopiatron the average “consumer” is controlled by a central computer that tells them when to mourn, how to laugh, how to walk, how to eat, how to dress and even how to think.  

Flying the story of a young man named Vodrogo, with a powerful imagination enhanced by his  magical helmet  trying to save his planet from becoming a colony of Utopiatron and the evil hands of Dr. Blah.


this is not a dream...